This is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s latest counter hero, Yi Sun-sin!

This is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s latest counter hero, Yi Sun-sin! Not long ago, Mobile Legends just released a big update, and we know that the update has undergone significant changes.

Call it a weakened Puri Fiber Torspel, a buffed or damaged hero, and many other heroes. However, perhaps due to the many changes in this latest update, the biggest concern for players is the significant changes from YSS heroes or Yi Sun-sin.

The changes implemented by Moonton are virtually complete changes, including a change in the appearance of this hero, a change in skill 2, and additional damage.

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Therefore, many mobile legend players have used this hero because the update is complete. The reason is that I am interested in the latest abilities and current damage of this hero.

And it was true that YSS has undergone a very dramatic change, especially due to the increased damage. Therefore, players playing Mobile Legends games are very afraid to face this hero in the match.

They shouldn’t be afraid to face YSS, but they should choose one of the heroes we speak to.

1. Lancelot

The first hero we recommend is Lancelot. His fast movement and high damage can kill Yi Sun-sin with just one combo.

2. Hayabusa

Then there’s Hayabusa, this hero is certainly a one-on-one specialist hero, but if YSS is protected by a hero who doesn’t have control of the crowd, even though he’s protected by many. A hero at a time who is killed very easily by Hayabusa.

3. Harley

The last one is Harley, the most nasty mage in his simple but deadly combo. Harley can kill YSS wherever he is with just one combo.

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These are some of the recommended heroes for this Yi Sun-sin Mobile Legends Counter. Do you have your flagship hero or do you have your own opinion? Please write in the comments and spinners!

By the way, keep in mind that this is just a recommendation for the best heroes to fight YSS in Spin eSports. In fact, all heroes can fight YSS if they play with a trusted pilot. Don’t forget to continue to visit our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.