These are the 5 Most Awaited Mobile Games for Release

It is undeniable that in recent years the development of mobile games has become increasingly rapid. Many new publishers and developers who previously worked on PC and console games are now also jumping into the mobile game industry. As a result, there are many variations of mobile games that can be played by gamers.
In 2019, more and more new mobile game titles are worth looking forward to because they offer a gameplay mechanism or very impressive graphics quality. Well, in this article the KotGa crew will notify at least 5 mobile games that you should anticipate. What are the games? Come see the article!

1. Seven Knights II
Netmarble has overhauled things since it was first announced, especially in terms of the user interface. Seven Knights II certainly took the storyline 30 years after the first version. MMORPG elements offered also follow the current trends with the open-world concept, but will still use various characters. Moreover, the graphics quality offered is truly amazing.
Various content such as PvE which includes storyline mode until Raid is certain to exist. For PvP content itself, it has not been announced what it will be like. What is clear, they make sure for those who have not played the first version, will still be able to enjoy Seven Knights II.
Seven Knights II itself will be released in 2019 in South Korea. Because the game is already very well known throughout the world, it doesn’t seem to take a long time to bring Seven Knights II globally.
2. AION 2
Aion 2 will later discard the “classic” class system it had before. Players will be able to choose their own style of play with various weapons to choose from. Those of you who have played Monster Hunter certainly understand well how this mechanism works. Besides that, the typical open-world MMORPG concept is maintained.
Besides that, there is one very interesting feature called Dimensional Cracks. Aion 2 will later have a variety of servers to separate players from over-stacking. However, the Dimensional Cracks feature will allow all players on all servers to meet each other in the same place to fight in large-scale battles. Unfortunately, NCSoft has not provided a detailed description of this feature.
Aion 2 was developed with Unreal Engine 4 which certainly produces fantastic graphics quality. Later, the game will be released for free for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, no release schedule has been announced
3. Devil May Cry Mobile
Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is certain to take the same background as Devil May Cry 3. Movement and character actions are also sure to remain smooth like the console version. Not forgetting, the storyline offered was also memorable for the fans.
Interestingly, Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat will certainly have multiplayer features such as team battles and PvP that are done in real-time. Besides that, single-player content with the storyline remains pinned. The game was developed using the Unity 3D engine which produces pretty fantastic graphics. Moreover, the development process is “official” and immediately monitored by Capcom.
Devil May Cry Mobile is planned to release this beta phase in 2019 for Android and iOS. But unfortunately the developer hasn’t mentioned when the game will be released completely.
4. World of Dragon Nest
World of Dragon Nest was horrendous when it was first announced with a variety of new mechanisms that were very fascinating. World of Dragon Nest will have various main features. The most interesting is the open-world concept that it has. Players can explore as much as they want to do activities such as fishing, planting, forging, and many more.
In addition, there will be a PVP 200-Player feature, where 4 teams with 50 players will be met in the same arena. Some other features presented are also interesting, including Selectable Gender, to New â € œSwapâ €? Battle System, where each class can later use two weapons at a time in turn.
Some time ago, Nexon has announced that it will bring World of Dragon Nest to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, you know. Unfortunately, no exact schedule has been announced.
5. Dragon King
First introduced in GDC 2019 under the name Project: SU, Dragon Raja is an MMORPG developed with Unreal Engine 4. Seeing the development of increasingly advanced technology, the developer really maximizes the potential of Unreal Engine 4 to produce fantastic graphics quality.
Offering an open-world MMORPG concept, the developer himself promises to experience playing games like PCs through your smartphone. Not only in matters of graphics, but gameplay mechanisms such as customizing characters without limits, to PvE and PvP content that includes up to 100 players in one arena of the same battle.
The Tencent Games themselves will release it first in China and will be followed by the English version in the future.