The best jungler hero counter meta marksman (MM) in Mobile Legends (ML), I don’t know!

Mobile Legends (ML) just released the latest major patch update on December 15, 2020.

As discussed by AE.Celiboy, EVOS.Caramel, and GEEK.Frieza, the position of the Mobile Legends (ML) Season 19 Meta jungler is Marksman (MM)..

This is because the buffs obtained from jungle monsters are weakened, so the jungle does not always have buffs. This is seen with the growing popularity of MM heroes such as Claude, Lee Sunomi, Brody and Bruno.

However, Mobile Legends (ML) has one of the best jungler heroes to compete with the MM jungler meta. You must be surprised!The hero is Purple dragon,seriously.Yes 3 points Here’s what you need to know about Zilong and why this hero is an effective counter for the current MM Jungle Meta ML hero.

zilong hero anti-counter meta mobile legend

1. Hero Assassin who does not rely on buffs

Meta-assassins like Lynn, Lancelot and Falcon Season 18 is beginning to decline. This is because these heroes rely heavily on blue buffs to reduce the energy consumption and cooldown reduction they use effectively in roaming. With no heroes on top, marksman (MM) heroes have more flexibility in choosing and shoot safely from a distance.

However, since Giron is a hero who does not rely on buffs, he can continue roaming without buffing a little.

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2. Opponent jungler heroes do not use purification

Prior to Season 18, enemy heroes only need to use purification and escape from Giron’s first skill, making Giron less effective. However, jungler heroes who need to use attribution in Season 19 have a very vulnerable skill to break into and break open Zilong. So if the MM hero doesn’t have a backup tank nearby, it’s easily picked up by Zilong.

3. MM Heroes and Support Mage can only die in one burst combo.

Zilong is an assassin hero who relies on burst combos. Ultimate stab skill 2, skill 1, and very fast auto-attack. The MM hero and his opponent’s support mage die instantly. In the video below, you can see that Zilong can hit Claude’s one-hit combo very easily.

Zilong’s second skill is very powerful (OP), and when a hero / minion is killed by Zilong, the skill 2 cooldown is reset. This is exacerbated by Zilong wearing the coat of arms. Assassin-Killing SpreeThis means that killing an enemy MM or mage will increase your HP to 20% and add movement speed. Therefore, the combination of Skill 2 and this Killing Spree emblem makes it easy for Zilong to clean his opponent.

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Note: If you want to try Zilong, keep in mind that using the settings is very important. Hero lockAll Zilong skills are a single target, so try to point your skill at the hero core or support your weak opponent first.

Mobile Legends ml Hero Lock Settings

Are you confused about Metamarksmen (MM)? Don’t be afraid. Now there are Zilong heroes who can compete with all of them. And fortunately, there are still many who underestimate the heroes of Giron. So you can surprise your opponent’s MM with a pick from Zilong, the best counter hero of this Mobile Legends (ML) Meta-Jungler.

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