Over 1 month, Genshin Impact Receives 250 Million Dollars From Players!

Genshin Impact has received 250 million US dollars from players around the world.

Yes, Genshin Impact is the newest game in the Japanese RPG genre that has been released since 28 September 2020.

It is very busy being discussed by many people, especially in Indonesia, and is also the target of many gamers.

Do you know, even though this RPG game is free to play, it can reach 250 million US Dollars, or the equivalent of almost 3 trillion rupiah in a month or so.

According to the data provide companies, Sensor Tower, In just 1 week this game from Mihoyo has been downloaded by 200 million users on the App Store and Play Store.

After that, get 60 million US dollars only from purchases that are in the game Genshin Impact.

Even though this game is free, it turns out that the players spend more money on activities in the game.

Of course this is natural, because there are so many interesting things in the game, which require real money to get it faster.

Such as characters, weapons, important items for war, can be obtained through gacha which of course requires real money.

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Go beyond PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings!

Last month, Genshin Impact managed to enter the top 2 games in the Top Grossing Game position, namely PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings.

Even the data obtained does not include data from PS4 and PC. this data only includes mobile users worldwide.

Genshin Impact revenue
Source: Sensor Tower

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As we know, Genshin Impact comes out for various devices, and in several versions such as PC, Mobile, PS4, and others.

There are 3 countries that donate the most money to this game, by buying virtual goods from within the game.

China become the largest country, where players from China spend more than 82 million US dollars in the last month, followed by Japan with 59 million US Dollars, and United States of America with 45 Million US Dollars.

In this way we know that Mihoyo’s strategy in publishing this game really works, not only in one country, but also in the international realm.

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