Most Sick! Powerful Tips for Using the Silvanna Hero Combo in Mobile Legends



by: Editorial Team / April 24, 2021

Upoint friends must have known that in Mobile Legends a new hero named Silvana arrived last October. The hero Silvanna is a graceful female knight who wields a spear.

But it’s not only able to display Silvanna which my friend can be interesting, because the heroine who has this has a combination of attacks and powerful skills that can shake the Land of Dawn.

But for those of you who are still confused about how to play the Silvanna combo hero, Upoint will provide powerful tips. Top up diamond points buddy so that you get the maximum.

These are Powerful Tips for Using the Silvanna Hero Combo in Mobile Legends

  1. Using skill 1 for stun effect

To combine the most pain, my friend must use skill 1 for the stun effect and use the opponent. Then continue with the ultimate skill to release the opponent and use skill 2 to finish.

  1. Combine skill 1 with basic nest

The second tip when using the Silvanna combo hero, if your opponent can still survive the combo, you have to use skill 1 again combined with basic attacks.

  1. Use ultimate skills

The combo hero Silvanna has an ultimate skill that can be fought against and can only be fought with the battle spell Purify, which makes this skill very effective. This Silvana skill is a powerful tip that you can use.

  1. Take advantage of flicker spell battles

Since Silvanna does not have any special skills to use herself, it is highly recommended that you use the Flicker battle spell for insurance.

  1. Use CC kemampuan abilities

Powerful tips when using the Silvanna combo hero, my friend can use CC abilities, because with very high CC abilities Silvanna can also be a very useful partner in war or team battles.

Silvanna’s Strengths and Weaknesses

As a Fighter hero who has a high CC ability, Silvanna is indeed very difficult to avoid, but you should also know that Silvanna also has several weaknesses to watch out for in addition to having a large number of strengths needed.


  • Has a powerful combo that can inflict massive damage in a short time

  • Has a CC ability that can be used against opponents

  • The hero Silvanna can be solo effectively and can be a reliable partner in war or team battles

  • Silvanna has skills and how to play is easy to understand.


  • Silvana has a fairly high cooldown skill for users to be careful in using skills and combos

  • Has no escape skills so vulnerable to other heroes relying on CC

  • Although very strong, Silvanna does not have any abilities that make Silvanna special.

That’s the tip powerful using combo hero Silvanna in Mobile Legends that hurts the most.

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