(Mobile Legends) GG Tips Using Hanzo

Mobile Legends has many heroes with unique abilities that are interesting to try. One of them is Hanzo. This assassin has a special ability that can turn into a shadow to defeat enemies from a distance.

This ability allows Hanzo to threaten his opponent without having to worry about being killed directly. However, without careful calculation, this ability can also be a suicide bomb if you are careless when using it.

Intrigued by GG’s tips for playing Hanzo on Mobile Legends? Listen to the following from KINCIR!

1. Last Pick Better

Because of his role as an Assassin, Hanzo can become counter for several enemy heroes. Thanks to his ability, Hanzo can jump far behind enemy defenses, making it suitable for targeting Hero Marksman or Mage.

On the other hand, Hanzo is also easy tocounter because of his play style to hide. Heroes who have mobility like Hayabusa, Harley, especially Natalia, are the main enemies for her.

Moment drafting, try to wait for your opponent’s choice. Don’t rush to choose Hanzo. You see, he can be a secret weapon for the team if as last pick.

2. Farming Hurry up to get richer

Thanks to his Demon Feast ability, Hanzo was able to “eat” the character right away creep. Including forest monsters that give buff. This way, he doesn’t need it jungle items or have Tank accompany him.

Simply by hitting up to five times, this unique ability can be unleashed. It would be better if you stole buff belonging to the opponent from the first minute. If successful, Hanzo will get level as well as extras buff and gold while reducing the enemy’s strength.

However, don’t push yourself too hard to steal buff enemy. Because, this one hero style of play is fairly easy to anticipate so the enemy will be alert. Once caught, he will be difficult to develop and the potential to become a burden.

If you want to steal buff enemies, at least ask your friends to escort. Don’t forget to fulfill it the stack up to five times so you can immediately ‘eat’ buff without having to waste time hitting it first.

3. Maintain a Safe Distance While Playing

Every time he releases his Ultimate Pinnacle Ninja, Hanzo will leave his original body. It should be noted, you will be ‘forced’ to continue in this mode if you want to kill enemy heroes quickly.

Therefore, it is important to always issue this move in the grass so that it is not easily caught by the enemy. Be within reach turret it was also suggested that the enemy was reluctant to approach.

In addition, this move requires “Demon Blood” which you must collect by killing enemies or creep. The more Demon Blood you get, the longer the Ulti will be. The opposite is true.

So, you have to calculate the distance so that Demon Blood is not wasted. In addition, to save Demon Blood, don’t forget to return to using Ulti if your attack fails so that Hanzo returns to his original body.

4. Priority Aim for Enemy Carry

When removing the Pinnacle Ninja, Hanzo can jump far enough to catch the opponent’s Carry. In this way, he must be able to defeat the Marksman or Mage trapped in the back row.

Every five hits, Hanzo can issue a Demon Thorn that will deliver damage large area with effect. If right on target, the enemy is guaranteed to die instantly.

Through his ability, he can also be a scourge for the enemy team at the moment team fight. Generally, their members have to split up to find Hanzo’s real body. This tactic can also mess up enemy formations so that it can give the team an advantage.

5. Don’t Forget Attack Speed ​​and Movement Speed

As a specialist hero reap, Hanzo needed item what makes damageit hurts. Unlike other Assassins, he didn’t really need it jungle items.

The reason is, Hanzo already has the ability to ‘eat’ buff. This special ability also allows him to get rich quickly without wasting Gold on jungle items.

Although you can farming quickly, don’t rush into the Blade of Despair at the start of the game. Because, you better increase Movement Speed ​​and Attack Speed ​​first.

To increase these two attributes, you can buy item such as Corrosion Scythe and Windtalker. Additional Movement Speed ​​as well as Attack Speed ​​of the two item this is more than enough to make it farming quickly.

Additional Movement Speed ​​also helps Hanzo to escape quickly. The reason is, his original form is very vulnerable and cannot be relied on to fight with enemy heroes.

In addition, additional Attack Speed ​​makes skill The Demon Horn can come out faster. After the Attack Speed ​​figure passes 1.5 points, you only need to attack three times to get it out skill the.


Using Hanzo is arguably not an easy task. Your instincts and calculations are needed so that their potential can be maximized. Conversely, without careful calculation, this one hero can actually be a burden for the team.

What do you think about the tips and guidelines above? Ready to climb the Top Local and Global ladder using Hanzo? If you have other suggestions, share them in the comments column. Continue to follow other GG tips only on the KINCIR channel!