Mobile Legends Epic Showcase Skin Leaks February 2021

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games that always presents an Epic Showcase Event every month. After previously we received a skin announcement in January which will be given to the hero Valir with the Demonlord skin, here is a leak for the Epic Showcase skin that will be present in February 2021.

Epic Showcase is one of the events presented specifically for those of you who are sultans in Mobile Legends. This one event was previously the Lucky Box Event which releases cool Epic Limited skins every month. But after last June, Moonton started to disappear Lucky Box and is now the Epic Showcase in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide the latest leak about the Epic Showcase skin which will be present in February 2021. After January it was given to the hero Valir, Demonlord. So in the following month it will be given to hero one one.

Wanwan Pixel Blast, Skin Epic Showcase February 2021 Mobile Legends

The Epic Showcase skin in February is reportedly going to be given to the hero Wanwan with the skin name Pixel Blast. We have also previously informed about this skin. But haven’t got the caste from that skin. Both the release date and the price of this skin.

Now, in the information leaked by one of the leaker dafrixkun, it says that this skin will be present at the Epic Showcase event in February 2021. Which is that this is also quite compatible with the skin that the woman has.

Wanwan herself is one of the marksman heroes who is quite difficult to play. This hero is quite balanced and not very meta. Wanwan is still often played in a classic gameplay, ranked to various tournaments.

Its presence itself is quite long, namely in February which means, it will still be a long time coming in Mobile Legends. You will welcome the Valir Demonlord skin first in January.

Price and Release Date of the Wanwan Pixel Blast Mobile Legends Skin

Regarding the release date of this Wanwan skin, it is said that it will be present on February 5, 2021, which as usual the Epic Showcase event takes place. As for the price itself, you can get it by spending 4000 – 5000 diamonds in the draw event that will take place later.

Of course, for those of you who are marksman users, especially those who often play Wanwan, you must write down the date and prepare diamonds from now on to get the skin.

Keep in mind, this is a mere leak. Which Moonton can make changes to both the hero and the release date written above. But of course this leak is certainly useful for those of you who are waiting for the newest skin from the hero Wanwan.

So that’s it for the latest reviews about skins that will be present at the Epic Showcase Event in February. Hopefully, the presence of this one review can make you no longer curious about the Epic Showcase skin in February. Stay tuned for more recent information. Stay tuned!