(Mobile Legends) 5 Best Heroes in the Early Game (Part 1)

– These five heroes in Mobile Legends are the most barbaric in the early game.
– When using this Hero, playing barbaric and fast is a mandatory step to achieve victory

In Mobile Legends, early game so the most important phase which is as crucial as late game. Because, it is in this phase that you can find the right momentum to win the match. If you can dominate from the start of the game, winning is not a difficult matter as long as your team executes the attacks and defenses well.

Welcoming Season 18, KINCIR wants to share information about heroes who have excellence in early game. Armed with capable abilities, this line of heroes can give your team a greater chance of defeating your opponent and hinder their level at the beginning of the game.

Who are the heroes Mobile Legends the? Come on, take a peek at the reviews that KINCIR has summarized below!

1. Fanny

Fanny Mobile Legends.

Fanny Mobile Legends.

Known as a hero with high mobility, Fanny has the ability to cut enemies on early game. After “eating” buff blue, Fanny’s been able to open skill Steel Cable. Combined with skill Tornado Strike, you can easily target Marksman or enemy Mage who are busy farming.

However, it is obligatory to remain on the lookout for Hero disabler who may be near your target. The best location to chase down your current opponent early game is around the jungle.

2. Grock

Grock Mobile Legends.

Grock Mobile Legends.

Famous as a Hero with durability height, Grock was feared very much during his early stages. Armed with the Power of Nature who owns damage area as well as additional effects immune thanks to skill passive Ancestral Gift, Grock can get intake movement speed and defense which is thicker when it is near the wall.

Combined with one Hero who acts as damage dealer, guaranteed your opponent will be messy with this combination. this strategy can have a big effect in increasing your chances of winning. The reason is, the enemy hero who acts as carry will have a hard time growing.

3. Chou

Chou Mobile Legends.

Chou Mobile Legends.

Being one of the most feared figures, this hero “incarnation” from Bruce Lee you can rely on early game to finish off the opponent. Armed with high mobility and effects crowd control which plays a big role, Chou has the combination skill which can make the enemy inflamed.

Able to carry out various roles well, Chou is also gifted with a large ATK in the early stages. If it hits the spot right, Jeet Kune Do delivers damage an area of ​​540% (+ 70% Physical ATK).

The nominal ATK that Chou has is quite large in early game. If not able to finish off the enemy, at least Chou can swerve swiftly to avoid the opponent’s hit thanks skill Shunpo which gives immunity against crowd control.

4. Thamuz

Thamuz Mobile Legends.

Thamuz Mobile Legends.

Talk about the strongest Hero early game Certainly, it would not feel bad if Thamuz didn’t get into it. This Hero Fighter is fairly in demand in the competitive or public scene tier Mythic. The reason is very clear, Thamuz is so terrible at the beginning of the game.

Thamuz’s power comes from a combination damage the sick, their mobility, and their defense. Damage blast from skill passivity can be the source damage which is surprising. Especially if Thamuz uses the Fighter Festival of Blood emblem which gives a Spell Vamp effect. He will be so hard to beat!

Daring to fight him at the beginning of the game, you can be Thamuz’s target. Especially if your Hero is not kicking at the beginning of the game. Indeed you can not die. However, it’s your time to recall to base will be wasted and your level will be lower than Thamuz.

5. Diggie

After getting rework last year, Diggie became a popular Hero Support. As you know, Diggie has skill The annoying Auto Alarm Bomb. Produce damage a large amount of 550 (+ 120% Total Magic Power), guaranteed that any Hero will be confused.

Surely you have experienced your favorite Hero being hunted by a hidden time bomb close by blue buff. You can calculate for yourself how much accumulated damage of three ticking time bombs. Guaranteed your Hero will “disappear” and end up resentful because Diggie’s trick is eaten early game.


Those were the five heroes Mobile Legends that you can rely on to apply pressure to the enemy at the moment early game. What do you think? Who else is the hero who can be relied on when the Land of Dawn is not “hot”? Tell your opinion below, yes.