Mihoyo Threatened! Genshin Impact players are heavily hacked!

This is proof that Mihoyo was threatened, and that many Genshin Impact players were hacked!

No one likes hackers in the online world, be it games or work.

Hacking is one of the forbidden actions that harm many people because of data retrieval, or other malicious things.

In games, hacking against player accounts also often occurs if the security of the game system is easily broken into by hackers.

One that is happening right now is Genshin Impact which reportedly is experiencing a downturn in the security system.

Because of that, many player accounts were reportedly hacked too. Not only that, Mihoyo also get threats to increase their security.

Genshin Impact Under Hack, Mihoyo Threatened!

Through mihoyo forum website, someone with an account Digitizer spreading that currently many Genshin Impact player accounts are being hacked.

This is evidenced by a photo showing the number of player accounts that have been hacked.

Source: Mihoyo Forum

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Seeing this happening, Mihoyo has not yet provided clarity or a reply regarding this mass hack case.

Because of that, it is still unknown why and how this thing could suddenly attack Mihoyo on November 1, 2020 yesterday.

Therefore, the author of the thread advised all Genshin Impact players to change your account password as soon as possible.

This is done to reduce the number of accounts that will be hacked in the future, as well as to protect your personal data.

Threats came from XDarkWolfX who gave a statement through the Mihoyo forum, which was certainly addressed to the developer of Genshin Impact.

Source: Mihoyo Forum

More or less the content of the statement is “Mihoyo will be given 12 hours to improve the security of the website or hackers will arrive. You have been reminded. The likes of this thread have also been hacked, and that’s just the beginning ”

So guys, for you Genshin Impact players, do you believe in the thread above? If you believe, quickly exchange your password according to the suggestions above!

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