Leaked Fragment Shop Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, February 2021, Serena is here!

This is the latest leak Fragment shop in February 2021 Introducing Serena, Dairos, and Valil. Read this article to the end!

Rare skin renewal Fragment shop It’s a long-awaited update for Indonesian mobile legend players wherever they are.

From here, you can get Starlight Member skins for certain heroes for free, so exchange fragment items for these skins.

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About that Mobile Legends Fragment Shop It was just updated yesterday in early January 2021, but there are more leaks related to the February 2021 update.

Fragment Shop February 2021

Reportedly Rare skin renewal February Fragment Shop One of the three, Serena, Dairos, and Valil, will definitely appear.

Previously, Serena Starlight appeared, but Serena will have new skin in February 2021 Then the rare fragment of Serena’s skin is delayed or delayed first.

Swap Valir or Dyyroth, but most likely unchanged from the Premium Fragment, the Hero Fragment is still unclear which hero will be updated later.

So let’s wait a minute, spinner, how do you want to buy, or are you still saving to collect rare fragments?Don’t forget to visit SPIN website Follow us for other latest updates Instagram And Youtube we.