How to get free hero Valir at Lucky Spin Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games you can play right now, where this one game has various heroes, skins and other events. Now there is one permanent Lucky Spin event that provides various heroes and skins for free every day. Here are tips and tricks for spinning to get a free Valir hero in the Mobile Legends game.

Valir is a mage hero who is included in the meta in Season 18 at this time. Hero Valir relies heavily on his crowd control abilities and skills which are very useful as support in Mobile Legends. If you need a reliable mage support hero, you must get a Valir hero in this Lucky Spin event.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide tips and tricks to draw at the Lucky Spin Event in order to get the Valir hero for free in the Mobile Legends game. Make sure you don’t miss the Lucky Spin this time and get the hero so you can play the Valir hero in the Land of Dawn, see the full review below.

You can get the hero Valir who is a very meta mage in the Mobile Legends game for free by drawing on Lucky Spin which is present in this period. So in order to get more luck, you can use the following methods in order to bring the free Valir hero, especially this one hero is a meta hero that you must get.

Here’s how to get the hero Valir mobile legends for free:

Spin After Playing

You can play rank or classic mode first before drawing. After successfully winning in a match, whether it’s ranked or classic, then please draw on Lucky Spin by spending just a few tickets. If you are lucky, you can get the Valir hero for free with a small draw.

Prepare Multiple Tickets

Next, you can draw using multiple tickets at once. In some cases, you can get prizes at Lucky Spin by using 1000-1500 More Tickets if you don’t rely on hockey. Also make sure that in the previous Lucky Spin you haven’t gotten the prize. Which according to the author, you can get a skin or hero prize at Lucky Spin if you draw with a certain value.

Check Draw 5x and Turn off Animation

If you want to quickly draw, you can try to check 5x draw and then turn off the animation, this method does not increase your luck in getting that skin, but for sure, you can get Valir heroes quickly without annoying and slow animation.

Less Tickets? Wait for Season Reset!

If your tickets are lacking, you can just wait until the season reset. Which at the end of season 18 you can get additional tickets to use on Lucky Spin in Mobile Legends. The number of tickets you get will match your current rank, starting from 150-1500 you can get. In one draw, of course, you can get the existing prizes.

So, those are the tips and tricks for drawing at the Lucky Spin event which gives you the hero Valir for free in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the method above can be useful especially for those of you who are currently saving BP to get Valir heroes in Mobile Legends. Moreover, this one hero will get an Epic Showcase skin at the beginning of next year.