How to Get a Permanent Hero in Mobile Legends for Free



by: Editorial Team / 05 August 2021

There are lots of heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use. To be able to have the hero, you have to buy it using battle points or diamonds. Buying a hero using battle points, you have to collect battle points first.

However, collecting battle points will take a long time. But it’s different again when buying a hero using diamonds. You can buy it directly, so for those of you who don’t have diamonds, you can do it Mobile Legends diamond top up first.

Well, it turns out that there is also a way to get a permanent hero in Mobile Legends for free. For those of you who want to know this way, you can see this one article until it runs out.

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Must Try! How to Get Permanent Heroes for Free in Mobile Legends

To make your account different from others, you can make a unique nickname and you can too make a live wallpaper of a Mobile Legends hero so that your HP becomes even more interesting. Instead of being curious about how to get a permanent hero for free, you can see below.

1. Using Fragments

There is something new in Mobile Legends, namely there are fragments. The existence of fragments is very useful for Mobile Legends players. That’s because, you can exchange it for a hero skin or with a hero.

The fragments are also different, some are for Elite skins and Starlight skins, while there are also fragments to be exchanged for heroes. However, the existing heroes and skins are different and only certain heroes.

2. Via Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin is also a very useful feature for all Mobile Legends players. In Lucky Spin you can get heroes for free. But to be able to get it easily difficult.

Because getting a hero in Lucky Spin is like a lottery which will be randomized to get the free hero. You can do Lucky Spin for free, it’s only 1x and even then in a certain time.

If you want to do a Lucky Spin again, you can use a battle ticket of 20 in 1 play only. Not only heroes, there are other attractive prizes in the form of Boxes, Emblems, Battle Points and skins from random heroes.

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3. Via Magic Wheel

Magic Wheel is also a very useful feature in Mobile Legends. You can have a Legend skin which you can only get from this Magic Wheel. To be able to get a Legend skin you have to do lottery often, aka Lucky Spin before.

Besides being able to get Legend skins, you can also get other attractive prizes, such as heroes, hero skins, fragments. However, in this Magic Wheel you have to use diamonds to be able to do the prize round.

So for those of you who want to get a free hero as well as want to get a Legend skin on the Magic Wheel, you can do Mobile Legends diamond top up first yes.

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