Hasagi Founder Called LoL Wild Rift Can Awaken Indonesian LoL Community

Hasagi Founder Called LoL Wild Rift Can Awaken Indonesian LoL Community

Source: Diginity Project Esports

Hasagi Founder Called LoL Wild Rift Can Awaken Indonesian LoL Community. League of Legends is a MOBA game developed by Riot Games.

This game is very popular in the world and can even be said to be the “Big Three” of PC esports along with Dota 2 and CS: GO and is an esports title that has managed to last for about a decade.

But unfortunately the League of Legends PC esports ecosystem in Indonesia can be said to be dead because no Indonesian organization currently has a League of Legends PC division.

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lol wild rift indonesia
Photo via LoL Wild Rift

However, there is a glimmer of hope for the LoL esports ecosystem and its community to revive with the presence of League of Legends: Wild Rift which is rumored to be released globally later this year.

SPIN Esports chatted with the founder of Hasagi.id, which is a loyal website that always informs you of the latest LoL news. According to Edi Kusuma or who is familiarly called Edel LoL Wild Rift makes people know LoL better.

“Of course for myself this is very positive. As a LoL fan who has played this game for a long time, I am happy that the presence of Wild Rift can introduce LoL to more people.

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LoL Wild Rift ML
Photo via: Riot Games

Even though it exists as a mobile game, I think Wild Rift will make people know more about LoL itself. Apart from that, Wild Rift is also a breath of fresh air, now there are more choices of moba games, “said Edel.

SPIN Esports also asked whether the gamers or MOBA lovers community was very enthusiastic about the presence of LoL Wild Rift.

“For MOBA lovers in Indonesia, I don’t know. But from my circle, the people around me are enthusiastic about seeing Wild Rift, everyone is curious about wanting to try it. Especially those who have played lol on PC, 100 percent of them will try Wild Rift, ”he added.

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