Especially for the Sultan, this is the explanation of the Aurora Summon Mobile Legends event

As we previously knew, Mobile Legends will have a new event called Aurora Summon. At this event, there will be some interesting prizes that we can get from small prizes such as fragments, skin trial cards, to Lightborn skins as the main prizes. But this event itself is arguably an event devoted to players with a myriad of diamonds, or what Mobile Legends Indonesian players usually call the sultan.

Why do we say that because to play this event it takes a lot of diamonds so that the main skin, the skin of one of the Lightborn squad heroes, needs a lot of diamonds. But back again, it is not uncommon for players who can get the main skin only spend a few diamonds, it all depends on how big your hockey is.

Previously at this event, there were some very tantalizing prizes such as Five Lightborn skins from Fanny, Tigreal, Harith, Granger and also Alucard, then there are some special skins owned by Badang, Kadita, Guinevere, Lolita, Natalia and so on, and there are also normal skins and rare fragments, skin trial cards and many others.

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source: YouTube

To play this event yourself, you actually need Crystal of Aurora, but if you don’t have the items, you can use diamonds. For the record 1 Crystal of Aurora is equal to 1 Diamond, so if you have 250 Diamonds then you have 250 Crystals of Aurora.

Then for the number of draws that must be done to guarantee that we can get the skin we want is 6-10 draws, we will automatically get a random permanent skin. Then how to draw the first to the fifth? we will still get prizes but these prizes are only trivial prizes, namely skin trial cards, fragments and so on.

Remember to be able to Draw 1x for the price of 50 Crystals of Aurora, we need at least 500 Crystals of Aurora or 500 diamonds so that we can get permanent skins. But if we want to go straight or the term doesn’t want to be complicated by doing Draw 10x, it costs 450 Crystals of Aurora / diamonds. A very fantastic number but with a very small chance of getting a special skin / lightborn.

The regulations also state that:

  1. Draw 1x gets a 50% discount every day, so if we draw on Monday for the first time we only need 25 Crystals of Aurora / Diamonds and this applies to the following days, namely Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and so on.
  2. When the Lucky Point reaches the maximum limit, we are guaranteed a permanent skin
  3. Chance: Get permanent skin = 1%, Skin Trial Card = 55%, Rare Skin Fragment = 40%, Diamond Coupon = 4%.

This event itself will last for 11 days and how to participate in this event is to save money by paying in installments. This event itself lasts 11 days and draws 1x every day only takes 25 crystals of aurora, so it is highly recommended to draw 1x for 1 day.

So for example, today is Monday you can draw 1x with 25 Crystals of aurora, then draw again on Tuesday 1x with 25 Crystals of aurora, then draw again on Wednesday 1x with 25 Crystals of aurora and so on until the sixth day until your tenth day definitely will get a permanent skin.

For the exact date regarding when the Aurora Summon event will arrive on the original Mobile Legends server, it is still unknown until now but certainly in June 2020, so don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get updated news about eSports and follow our Facebook!