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by: Editorial Team / 31 December 2021

Yu Zhong is a Fighter role that is currently being excellent at this time. Hero with the nickname the “Black Dragon“Has an all-round ability and is very powerful. Yu Zhong has damage that can defeat his enemies quickly, and has excellent Durability thanks to his spell vamp abilities.

Although Yu Zhong is considered to have sick damage and is difficult to beat. But you don’t have to worry, by using one of these heroes you can still beat him. Well, this time UPoint.id will tell you 5 Counter Yu Zhong heroes in Mobile Legends. Want to know what the heroes are? Just take a look at the following reviews, yes!

These are 5 Hero Counter Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends

1. Valir

Yu Zhong’s first Counter Hero is Valir. This hero has very high Burst Damage. With the Burst Damage ability, Valir was able to sweep Yu Zhong very easily.

Hero Valir can collect Arcane power for 20 seconds. The power will gather and will shoot 2x Burst Fire and Searing Torrent without cooldown. With this skill, Valir will easily withstand Yu Zhong’s attacks.

2. Balmond

Yu Zhong’s next counter hero is Balmond. This hero is a Fighter or Tank hero who has Damage and has a very thick HP. This Balmond hero has the Cyclone Sweep skill which has quite a lot of damage and is able to erode Yu Zhong’s HP.

Not only that, Balmond also has an Ultimate Skill that makes the enemy instantly die. With the skills possessed by Hero Balmond, Yu Zhong’s hero can be easily killed.

3. Ling

Ling is a Mobile Legend hero who has very sick damage and is able to counter Yu Zhong. In addition to having very sick skills, Hero Ling is a pretty agile Assassin hero.

So by relying on his agile movements, Ling was definitely able to dodge every attack that Yu Zhong made. Of course, to fight Yu Zhong, don’t forget to use Ling’s Ultimate Skill!

4. Chou

Yu Zhong’s next counter hero is Chou. This hero has a very high Crowd Control ability and has a knock-up skill that makes Yu Zhong unable to move. That way Chou can maximize the skills he has.

Actually Yu Zhong has an Immune effect against Crowd Control when he transforms into a Black Dragon. However, the duration of Yu Zhong’s transformation was not long but only briefly. In order to dodge Yu Zhong’s Black Dragon attack, Chou could easily dodge thanks to his Shunpo Skill.

5. Hayabusa

The last Hero Counter is Hayabusa. As an Assassin hero, Hayabusa is the right choice to finish off his enemy. Hayabusa is also fairly capable of countering Yu Zhong by relying on Hayabusa’s mobility and damage which is fairly sick.

Hayabusa is an agile hero and also cannot be touched while using his Ultimate skill. Of course this could be Hayabusa’s advantage to face Yu Zhong.

Well, that’s 5 heroes of Counter Yu Zhong according to UPoint.id. So what do you think? Which hero works the most? Oh yes, if you want to top up Diamond Mobile Legends. Immediately you Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends on UPoint.id yes.

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