Dragon Tamer Squad Mobile Legends, Here’s the List

Dragon Tamer Squad Mobile Legends – Mobile Legends players must be familiar with the names Saber Squad, Royal Quad, Lightborn Squad, and Venom Squad. The squad is a collection of ML heroes who have the same skin theme.

Usually a squad consists of a tank hero, marksman, assassin, fighter, mage or support.

One squad skin usually consists of 5 heroes with different hero types, so you can play full team using the same skin type from the squad.

Dragon Tamer Squad Mobile Legends
Squad Mobile Legend

The squad that was recently released by Mobile Legends is the dragon tamer squad. This squad carries the concept of a dragon and consists of heroes who are still often used in meta today.

Dragon Tamer Squad Mobile Legends

This dragon tamer squad is staying as a squad with the coolest visual skin effects. The dragon concept carried by this squad will make the heroes of the squad members look even cooler.

The following are members of the Dragon Tamer Squad:

1. Valir: Draconic Flame

Valir is a hero for the Dragon Tamer squad, whose skin is released first. You can even buy this Valir Draconic Flame skin by issuing 899 diamonds. This Draconic Flame skin is dominated by red and orange elements that symbolize fire. Every skill or even basic attack that you issue will be even cooler and more dramatic.

2. Estes: Rattan Dragon

The animated video of the Rattan Dragon skin belonging to the hero Estes has been widespread even though this skin has not officially arrived in Mobile Legends. Estes ‘Rattan Dragon skin is dominated by green elements that match Estes’ role as a healer.

3. Marsha: Dragon Armor

The role of the tank in the dragon tamer squad will be taken by the hero Marsha. Reportedly, Marsha’s skin in the dragon tamer squad will be called Dragon Armor. However, until now there has been no trailer or leak about what Marsha Dragon Armor’s skin looks like.

4. Ling

Ling has also confirmed that he will join the dragon tamer squad. But until now there has been no news about the name of the skin that this Ling hero will have. There has not been any trailer or leak in the form of a video or photo of Ling’s skin.

5. Kimmy

It won’t be complete if there is no marksman hero in the squad. In the Dragon Tamer squad, the role of the marksman hero will be given to Kimmy. Kimmy’s existence will make this squad even stronger and have great damage.

The name and skin visualization of Kimmy’s hero has yet to come out. You have to be patient until it is his turn to release Kimmy’s dragon tamer skin.

That’s a piece of information about the dragon tamer squad in Mobile Legends that we can provide. Skins will be released one by one, so you have to wait patiently for the skins of all the members of the dragon tamer squad to come out. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.