CrossfireX Games Will Be Released in 2020

Smilegate Entertainment and Microsoft today announced the newest game Game, CrossfireX, which was created for the XBox One console. Which is where CrossfireX is the successor of the game’s predecessor, Crossfire. At Crossfirex it uses Unreal Engine 4 which will produce fantastic graphics quality.
CrossfireX Games Will Be Released in 2020
Game CrossfireX Akan Dirilis Pada Tahun 2020 -
The CrossfireX Game Will Be Released in 2020. Debuting in 2007, Crossfire is one of the most popular FPS competitive Games and has a big influence in the Asian region, especially Indonesia. After becoming its dominance for more than a decade and releasing its successor, named after Crossfire Next Generation. Smilegate Entertainment developers have finally developed a successor game that is far more ambitious and specifically for the Xbox One Game console.
Announced through the Microsoft Conference at E3 2019 this morning, this game was named CrossfireX. In accordance with what you can predict, this game still carries the Genre First Person Shooter (FPS). With Multiplayer as one of its main focuses.
The biggest difference is not just the release platform. But also the implementation of Unreal Engine 4 as its main base. To be a quality that is more solid. Smilegate even gets help directly from Remedy Entertainment (Dev. Quantum Break, Control), in concocting the game. In addition to the story itself and Battle Royale.
CrossfireX itself is still under development and the plan will be released in 2020. Exclusive for Xbox One even though there is no confirmation. But there is a high probability that this game will also be released for the PC version later.
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