Black Desert Mobile Game is Officially Released Globally This Year

It first appeared on February 28, 2018, in China. Then followed by the appearance of the Black Desert Mobile for the Taiwanese and Japanese versions a few months ago. This time the Black Desert Mobile version will be able to play soon via the Global server.
The Black Desert Mobile game is officially released globally this year
The Black Desert Mobile game is officially released globally this year. It’s not surprising anymore if the Black Desert Online game is now one of the most loved MMORPG games by gamers. Although the community is quite solid, this game can always reach all the players. Especially for those who use Smartphones as the main platform. For this reason, the Pearl Abyss has prepared a Mobile version of the game which is named after Black Desert Mobile.
After being officially released to South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Not long ago the Developer announced that this Game will soon enter the market globally in the near future. They still haven’t announced any additional information, but they can be confirmed if this Mobilenya version will be available for Android and iOS Smartphone devices.
For additional information, the Pearl Abyss also announced that the Black Desert will be released on the PlayStation 4 first this year. Access to the Pro-Order will soon be open on 2 July. Which includes early access to playing the game and some interesting In-Game Rewards.
Like the information above, if Black Desert Mobile is planned to be released globally this year for Android and iOS smartphones. Because there is a certainty, it seems like Gamers don’t have to wait long to get the latest information. Which can be shared in the near future.
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