Bajan Will Leave EVOS? | ONE Esports

Bajan is unable to compete with other EVOS tankers.

EVOS is looking for the best players for maximum results in MPL ID Season 7. No surprise if there will be players who are wasted.

It’s nothing, currently EVOS is believed to have around 20 players in its MLBB division. Six are the main players in the EVOS Legends squad, while the rest are struggling to get a place in either the EVOS Legends or the MDL team.

Regarding EVOS academy, currently there are names such as Clover, Zoeybit, Panzer, Irish, Rich, Revicii, Darknesss, Ferxiic, Pendragon, Bajan, Wyvorz, Falah, to Wirawww.

But speaking of tanks, Panzer and Darknesss who have been actively appearing in NMA. Meanwhile, Bajan, who is the main tank of EVOS Legends for the past two seasons, seems to have been swallowed up by the earth.

I don’t know what reason made Bajan not appear. Although he is confirmed to be in GH EVOS MDL at this time.

A leak came out of the mouth of Bigetron Alpha player, Hengky “Kyy” Gunawan. He reveals that Bajan is trying out trials with other teams, for better luck.

“From what I heard from Bajan, yesterday he had time to swim with me during the holidays. He said again it was on that other. I want to try (trial) on another team, ”said Kyy to Earl and Donkey during live streaming.

This actually makes sense. Because Bajan seems to be less competitive with LJ, Darknesss, and Panser. But where will he anchor? Only time that can answer.

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