Apart from the Skin Tool, this is a cheat that will get your FF account banned!

Here is a cheat or other application that will get your FF account banned besides Tool Skin!

Free Fire (FF) is a game that provides lots of surprise gifts to its players.

Too often Garena lures us to try new features, costumes, skins, and more in the game.

But there are some players who still want to change things for the better.

One way is to use an application Tool Skin APK to change the appearance of the game.

In fact, it turns out that the use of the third application is not allowed and can cause your FF account to be banned.

So here we will provide information on what cheats or apps were made Your FF account has been banned!

A collection of cheats or apps that you cannot use!

Bellara VIP

You can get almost all of the cheats in Free Fire in this one mod.

A few months ago, the bellara cheat was the most sought after cheat after the skin tool.

If the skin tool helps us to beautify our character, cheat bellara helps us to win the match.

Of course, users of this cheat will automatically be banned by Garena for cheating.

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Free Diamond Mod

report bug diamond ff, Free Diamond Free Fire

This one mod is no less crowded than other cheats. For those who don’t use tool skins, they will usually be eyeing this mod.

The free diamond mod can give you an abundance of FF diamonds according to what you want.

Of course this has changed the existing system in Free Fire, and of course it is prohibited.

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Lulubox FF APK

Here is a friend of the skin tool application which is also often used by many FF fans who don’t want to spend money.

Lulubox has the same capabilities as tool skins, only different applications, and has been talked about by many people.

The use of lulubox to get free skins is also prohibited, because it is the third application that is not allowed to change the existing system.

So the 3 collections of names above that you must avoid, and you can’t use it if your account doesn’t want to be banned!

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