8 Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends who are hard to die, Silvana is the most bad?

8 Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends who are hard to die, Silvana is the most bad? – Here are the eight best fighters on mobile legends that are hard to kill.

Hero fighter is intended for those who dare to fight or do war. Fighter has a fairly close attack range. Therefore, every fighter hero is equipped with abilities that make it difficult for them to die. In season 17 Here, there are about 29 fighter heroes on mobile legends.

Of the twenty-nine heroes, Gamexran has prepared a list of eight fighter heroes Mobile Legends which you can use either in the classic or in a ranked match. Curious? Immediately, let’s see the information below!

Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends

1. Aldous

Aldous is a fighter hero that you must watch out for, Gaess. He has the ability to fly directly to the enemy he has locked. Usually players who use Aldous will lock one of the enemies first, then fly and immediately bring out the ultimate. Aldous also has skill 3 which makes him issue a protective shield so that any enemy attack will not have a damage effect on him.

2. Silvana

Silvana is a hero fighter and mage who is very GG and is feared by many players. He can be the strongest hero during war because of his very fast ability to increase blood. In addition, Silvana can create circles that will keep players trapped in a few seconds. But so that your attacks are more GG, use skill 2 to stun the enemy, then issue skill three to give an attack with extraordinary damage effects.

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3. Guinevere

hero fighter mobile legends

Guinevere or Ms. Violet is a hero fighter / mage. Its beautiful appearance turns out to have a very painful damage effect, Gaess. Guinevere excels in offense and bursts. He has skill 2 which can slow down enemy movements by 50% in just 1.2 seconds. His ultimate skill can provide melee attacks 10 times in just 2 seconds. And the damage from Guinevere’s ultimate will increase with each level.

4. Dyrroth

Dyrroth is included in one of Gamexran’s favorite fighter heroes, Gaess. He has skill 1 and skill 2 with burst attacks which are very helpful in attacking enemies. Especially if the level is high, the ultimate skill can end the opponent easily.

5. X.Borg

If Gord releases an ice attack, X-Borg releases a fire attack. X-Borg’s 1st skill is very cool, Gaess. Because he will do a rotating fire attack then release a burst of fire and end with a fire shot. X-Borg’s skill 3 will drop five tubes and will immediately draw the enemy closer to him.

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6. Badang

Badang is rarely picked up by the players, but Badang is predicted to be hero combo the most GG with Johnson. The 2nd skill he has is also quite fast because it only has a cooldown of 5 seconds. The secret to GG’s Badang is skill 3 and its ultimate, Gaess. Badang will usually make a wall that will lock the player so they can’t go anywhere. Then after that the player will issue his ultimate skill, which is a fire hit repeatedly.

7. Thamuz

hero fighter mobile legends

Although Thamuz has a large body like a tank, but the movements produced by Thamuz are not slow. Thamuz’s 2nd skill can send the wheel spinning directly to the opponent. He also has a jumping motion where he will take out the spinning wheel first. And when he manages to jump and hit the opponent, the ball will come and add to the usual damage effect.

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8. Minsitthar

Minsitthar is a hero who is very similar to Zilong, Gaes. He can draw enemies he has locked closer to him. If you are being attacked by two enemy heroes, skill 3 Minsitthar can keep the other enemy away from attacking you. While the most unique skill is where it can issue four guards who will surrender to the enemy.

So, those are the eight fighter heroes on mobile legends who are hard to die. You can use the eight heroes Gamexran mentioned above for ranked mode too. Of the eight heroes, which is your favorite fighter hero?


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