6 Best Hero Counter Hayabusa Mobile Legends

Apart from Ling and Lancelot, now Hayabusa can also be a very effective hyper carry hero. This hero has very agile movements and very high burst damage. The opponent will have enough difficulty stopping him if they don’t know how to counter Hayabusa.

Hayabusa becomes an assassin hero who is very difficult to stop his movements thanks to his second skill, Quad Shadow. He can move places to 4 shadows very precisely. The following are some of the heroes that you can use to counter the Hayabusa heroes.

1. Saber

6 Best Hero Counter Hayabusa Mobile Legends

Counter Hayabusa 1st Saber MLBB

The first hero you can use to fight Hayabusa is Saber. As a fellow assassin hero, Saber of course has very high damage with his ultimate skill. You can immediately lock Hayabusa with the ultimate Saber skill, then he will be lifted up.

Currently Saber is rarely used because the damage he gives is tasteless. But after the update, this hero will be used again because skill 1 becomes more effective.

2. Jawhead

6 Best Hero Counter Hayabusa Mobile Legends

Counter Hayabusa 2nd Jawhead MLBB

Besides Saber, you can also use Jawhead to counter Hayabusa with his ultimate skill. This skill will lock Hayabusa’s movement automatically. So that he won’t have the opportunity to use his second skill.

After being hit by the ultimate skill, you can continue the combo with the second skill to throw Hayabusa into the turret area of ​​you or your teammates. Moreover, Jawehad’s first skill is also very sick, so you can also kill him with this skill.

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3. Kaja

6 Best Hero Counter Hayabusa Mobile Legends

Counter Hayabusa 3rd Kaja MLBB

Hayabusa can’t do anything when it’s locked with Kaja’s ultimate skill. Because this type of crowd control skill is a suppress that can’t be stopped by debuff skills even though the Purify spell.

To be able to kidnap Hayabusa you have to do a surprise attack, for example kidnap from the grass. So that he won’t have time to use the second skill. But you can’t do it alone, especially if you use defense items.

At least you have to be helped by one of your teammates to finish the Hayabusa. You can also use basic attack and skill 1, but even then if you use item damage. Both of them can deal high damage if you use the right items such as the Calamity Reaper.

4. Franco

6 Best Hero Counter Hayabusa Mobile Legends

Franco MLBB’s 4th Hayabusa counter

Using Franco is not as easy as we imagine, but if you are good you can stop Hayabusa’s movement. You can stop Hayabusa with his ultimate skill while being damaged by your teammates. Most likely Hayabusa will not be able to escape.

You can also use skill 1 first to attract Hayabusa from the grass. After that, immediately use the ultimate skill and follow up by your teammates to finish.

5. Chou

6 Best Hero Counter Hayabusa Mobile Legends

Chou MLBB 5th Hayabusa counter

Apart from Kaja and Franco, you can also use Chou to catch and kill Hayabusa. Because of its short attack distance, it will be difficult for you to stop Hayabusa’s movement. But if you are good at it, you can easily catch it and kill it instantly.

First you can use the first skill phase when to stop the movement of Hayabusa. After that, use the ultimate skill to lock the Hayabusa movement. You need to know that this skill can provide very high damage if you use build items that focus on damage.

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6. Sun

6 Best Hero Counter Hayabusa Mobile Legends

The 6th Hayabusa Sun MLBB counter

The five heroes above are indeed very suitable for stopping Hayabusa’s movement. But if they have been hit by the ultimate skill, they can’t do much. Now one way to counter this ultimate Hayabusa skill is Sun.

When Sun is hit by the ultimate Hayabusa skill, you can immediately issue the ultimate skill to create a shadow. With Hayabusa’s ultimate skill, it will automatically attack many shadows and you can go backwards. The damage given by this skill will be divided if it hits many targets.

Those are some of the heroes that you can use to counter the Hayabusa MLBB. To fight it, you really have to use heroes who can lock its movements, so you can use everything. Meanwhile, for the ultimate skill you can counter with Sun.