5 Most Sick Fighter Heroes in Season 15



by: Editorial Team / 07 January 2021

Mobile Legends games are definitely fun when played in team mode. Especially when the hero who is your hero is “meta” aka rising in that season. So to be more powerful, you can upgrade skills, choose your hero’s skin or weapon using the diamonds you have. But if the number of diamonds is not enough, you can Mobile Legends top up to add to it.

In choosing a hero, players are usually faced with a choice of roles, whether they prefer to be a fighter, mage, marksman or assassin. Each role has its own uniqueness and various levels of magic. And currently, it is predicted that there is at least 5 Most Sick Fighter Heroes in Season 15. Who are they?
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This is one of the best assassin hero choices today. With the skill of being able to move lanes to help his partner, damage Gusion’s output is very high with magic which he has. However, many say that how to use this one hero is not easy. Do you agree?


Hero Aldous often experiences over-powered. Being able to detect enemies on the map and go straight to them, makes it easier for the team to immediately take action to win. Damage generated will continue to increase when fighting the enemy, making it even stronger.


One of the hero mages who are often usedbanned for being able to make his opponents sick from the start of the game. That’s why Lunox is a mainstay because skills and damage the output is huge.


The mobility and high speed skills of this one marksman hero are in great demand by players. This advantage of Claude is expected to be able to make him the sickest hero in Season 15.


This hero mage is quite feared, because of his skill cooldown fast and damage deep from the start of the game. Harith also has skills movement high to dodge enemy attacks.

That’s the review 5 of the sickest fighter heroes in Season 15 now. So that you are not curious, there is no harm in trying it one by one. But remember, always fill your diamonds with Mobile Legends top up only via Upoint so that it is not constrained when you want to build a hero until it is more powerful.

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