5 Latest Combo Hero Formations in Mobile Legends, Most Painful!

hero combo on mobile legends

5 Latest Combo Hero Formations in Mobile Legends, Most Painful! – Here comes the combo hero pair on mobile legends, the sickest!

There are many combo hero pairs in ML that can be used as references in playing, both classic and ranked. Previously, Gamexran had also recommended 5 hero combos that make auto surrender enemies.

This time Gamexran wants to provide information on the 5 latest combo hero formations in ML. Of course, this latest formation can provide a very painful stuns and damage effect. Are you curious about the newest pair of hero combos in Mobile Legends? Check out the information below!

Combo Hero Pairs in Mobile Legends

1. Ruby and Odette

To use this combo, it’s very easy, Gaess. Those of you who use Odette only need to wait for Ruby to do her ultimate attack first. Ruby’s ultimate attack can stuns the enemy in a few seconds. When stunned, Odette has to pull out her ultimate skill. If someone tries to escape from these stuns, you can add Odette’s first attack skill.

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The interesting thing about the Ruby and Odete hero combos is that they can still produce painful damage even when attacking a crowd of enemies. As you can imagine, even a crowd of heroes can be defeated, especially those with only one or two heroes.

2. Tigreal and Gord

Tigreal does have a limited movement speed, Gaess, aka a bit slow. But he is a hero combo that is easy to combine with many other heroes. If previously Tigreal was combined with Guinevera, this time Tigreal will duet with Gord. Gord is a mage hero who has quite sick skills.

Attack your opponent using the Flicker spell, then use Tigreal’s ultimate skill to stuns the enemy. When Tigreal takes out his stuns, Gord must quickly use his first, second and ultimate skills gradually. Or you can just use the second and ultimate skills.

3. Grock and Moskov

To produce pain damage, use Grock’s first skill. Grock’s first skill can slow down enemy movements. After the enemy slows down, you can use the second skill to make a wall so that the enemy can’t go anywhere.

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It was at that time that Moskov had to immediately carry out an attack with his second skill to make the enemy stun again. Then he continued with the first skill coupled with Grock’s third skill. If you want to increase the damage more pain, Moskov can issue his third skill.

4. Eudora and Lolita

The next hero combo pair is Eudora and Lolita. To deal great damage, use Eudora’s second skill to stun the enemy. If the enemy is stunned and slows down. Use the third skill from Lolita to increase the stuna effect on the enemy. Then attack again with Eudora’s skills one and two.

Or you can do stunas with Eudora, then use the ultimate Lolita skill. After that, use Lolita’s third stuns skill so that the enemy slows down again. At this time, you can use Eudora’s skills one, two, and three

5. Argus and Odette

This is the pair of combo heroes in the last mobile legends that you can use. Both Argus and Odette can both produce painful damage if they attack together. The trick is that you have to use Argus’ second skill. This second skill will produce a bleeding or bloody effect.

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If the enemy has been hit by this attack, Argus can add an attack with his third skill. At this time, Odette must be ready to issue a third skill attack to end the enemy.

Those are the five newest hero combo formations in Mobile Legends that can provide painful stuns and damage. You can use this formation for classic or ranked mode purposes, yes, Gaess.

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