5 interesting facts about Dyrroth in Mobile Legends (ML)

For almost a year when Dyrroth was present in Mobile Legends, Dyrroth became one of the fighter heroes who dominated his presence in the Land of Dawn. Regarding this one hero, here are some interesting facts about Dyrroth in Mobile Legends.

Dyrroth is a fighter hero who has abilities that you must take into account, he is one of the best Mobile legends heroes and can be used as a core in Mobile Legends. Playing Dyrroth itself is quite easy, now you can listen to interesting facts about Dyrroth in the following Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide some interesting facts about Dyrroth in Mobile Legends that you must watch, now regarding this, please refer to the following article in full.

interesting facts about Dyrroth in Mobile Legends

Here are the interesting facts about Dyrroth in Mobile Legends (ML):

A Powerful Hero Defeating Tanks

An interesting fact about Dyrroth in the first Mobile Legends is Dyrroth’s very powerful ability to defeat tanks. Dyrroth is one of the heroes who is the best counter for tank heroes in Mobile Legends.

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Dyrroth has the Specter Step skill, where this skill can reduce 50% of the opponent’s Physical Defense in normal mode and can reduce 75% in Abyssal mode, so Dyrroth can reduce almost 125% of the overall Physical Defense of the hero tank.

Dyrroth Mobile Legends Facts Hero who does not have the Skill Lock

Unfortunately, playing Dyrroth is not as easy as it seems, in contrast to Alucard who can lock his opponent on every skill, Dyrroth is not. This one hero is very difficult to target one opponent’s hero as a whole.

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The skill you can rely on is Specter Step which can have a large slow effect that can lock your opponent temporarily. However, to target it with a fatal attack was quite difficult.

Damage output that really depends on the opponent’s HP

Dyrroth’s own deadly attack is in his ultimate, namely The Destruction, this skill allows you to inflict great damage on your opponent but is fixated on one condition, namely the opponent’s HP itself.

Dyrrothini’s ability will be very large when attacking an opposing hero who has a little HP, provided Dyrroth kites the hero and then defeats him quickly.

Facts Dyrroth ML is very vulnerable to crowd control attacks

The fact of the next Dyrroth is that it is very vulnerable to CC attacks from opponents, this is the same as Alucard’s hero who has pretty much the same gameplay. This one weakness is enough to make it difficult for Dyrroth to compete with other heroes as a meta.

Urgently Needs Precise Attack Accuracy

Playing Dyrroth is not as easy as you think, for example when you want to maximize Dyrroth you have to use the second skill first to provide Physical Reduction to your opponent.

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Not only that, you have to use the ultimate when your opponent’s HP is dying, you must scrape your opponent’s HP first so that the damage is large.

So, those are some interesting facts about Dyrroth in Mobile Legends that you should know. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful especially for those of you who are Dyrroth users in Mobile Legends. Look forward to more recent reviews and see you on my esports instagram!